Books by Mandy and Renee

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: The Cat's Meow
The Cat's Meow

Series: Blood Secrets

Book Cover: Passion Awakened
Passion Awakened
Book Cover: Beauty Awakened
Beauty Awakened
Book Cover: Blood Secrets Collection
Blood Secrets Collection

Series: Crimson Moon Hideaway

Book Cover: Dragon's Anniversary
Dragon's Anniversary
Book Cover: Flame and Mist
Flame and Mist

Series: Draconia Outcasts

Book Cover: Draconia Princess
Draconia Princess
Book Cover: Draconia Cyborg
Draconia Cyborg
Book Cover: Draconia Secrets
Draconia Secrets
Book Cover: Draconia Outcasts Collection
Draconia Outcasts Collection

Series: Goddesses of Vengeance

Book Cover: Angel's Fury
Angel's Fury

Series: Idlewyld Mates

Book Cover: The Lynx's Sweet Bites
The Lynx's Sweet Bites

Series: Shape Up or Shift Out

Book Cover: Etched in Brass
Etched in Brass
Book Cover: Shape Up or Shift Out
Shape Up or Shift Out

Series: Shifter Hospital

Book Cover: Alpha Medicine
Alpha Medicine
Book Cover: Second Chance Alpha
Second Chance Alpha

Series: The Accidental Zodiacs

Book Cover: Crimson Shephard
Crimson Shephard
Book Cover: Cerulean Strength
Cerulean Strength

Series: The Aquaterrestrial Task Force

Book Cover: Washed Up
Washed Up
Book Cover: The Aquaterrestrial Task Force Collection
The Aquaterrestrial Task Force Collection