Draconia Outcasts Collection

Draconia Outcasts

Three paranormal romances in one box set!

Draconia Princess

Dragoness Claire found her mate and gave in to passion, even though it’s forbidden. When the council orders her to send him away, she has no choice but to obey.

Wolf shifter Dustin returns home to lick his wounds after being dumped, but is shocked when Claire shows up carrying his child. Will they reunite before a group of rebels manages to kidnap the dragon princess and use her as a pawn against the queen?

Draconia Cyborg

Draconia island's tech genius, Naomi, has been living layers of secret lives. Her online boyfriend, Buzz, also has some shadows in his past, but he’s managed to build a life for himself as a tech guru for his local wolf pack.

Someone has lured them to a mysterious and remote island, but why? Will this long-distance couple find lasting love, or will deception ruin what they thought they had?

Draconia Secrets

Wolf shifter Von Springs believes the dragonesses are plotting something, and he’s determined to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

Shae Green is a trusted dragoness warrior from Draconia, and one of the few who know that Queen Regina is ready to make a change. The future could look much brighter for all, if Shae and her mate, Von, can learn to work together in time.