Draconia Cyborg

A dragoness with a secret. An elf with a chip on his shoulder. A call to an island inundated with technology and a chance for love or total annihilation.

As Draconia island's resident tech genius, Naomi has been living layers of secret lives. She has an online beau the dragoness leadership doesn’t know about, and her boyfriend doesn't know she's a dragon shifter on an all-dragoness island.

Buzz has some shadows in his past, but he’s managed to build a life for himself as a tech guru for the local wolf pack. When his online girlfriend goes missing, he has to leave town for the first time in forever.

Someone has lured them to a remote island, but why? Something nefarious has a plan for the two that doesn’t require both to remain alive. Will this long-distance couple find lasting love, or will deception ruin what they thought they had?

This book was originally published in June 2022 as "The Dragon's Cyber Secret." It has been revised and expanded before re-release.