Passion Awakened

Lilac and Warrick have survived the first round of blood secrets, but will new revelations tear them apart?

Moving into Warrick’s main house was daunting in itself, but the fact that she’s shadowed by bodyguards at all times was a constant reminder of the enemies Warrick had. At least her relationship with the three-centuries old vampire was on solid ground, and her sacred blood was helping his dhampire niece grow stronger.

But another attack makes things clear: The Camarilla Consortium expects Warrick to show up at this year’s Gala with his vessel of sacred blood in tow. Lilac will do what she must to ensure the safety of herself, her father, and her grandfather, but she hardly knows what she’s in for.

These vampires were the ones responsible for Warrick’s brothe’rs death, and he holds no power or sway over them. What will happen if they decide they want to indulge themselves in Lilac’s blood?

Darkness Awakened (Blood Secrets Book 1) is written by Mandy Rosko and available here.