Angel’s Fury

A vigilante fury hell-bent on revenge, a reincarnated angel in a fragile human body, and a mission to right the wrongs of the past so love can endure.

Angel Bryony Demos left heaven when her leaders betrayed her. Heartbroken and set adrift after losing her mate, Bryony spent four thousand years on her own, avoiding all drama between heaven and hell. Her one indulgence? Righting wrongs in the human world and exacting vengeance on those who deserve it but believe themselves above the law.

Fully a fury and fully a vigilante, she finds fulfillment in doling out vigilante justice to humans who aren’t being punished by the law.

Until she sees a familiar face, one she hasn’t seen in thousands of years.

Her one true love. The man whose death broke her heart so long ago – back in the flesh. Reincarnated.

But with no memory of her.