Crimson Shephard

She escaped from the Sinless before, but a Fallen can't stay underground forever.

Sierra Pan is a Capricorn Red. An Accidental Zodiac who is hunted by the Zodiac Enforcement Agency for her very nature. For the past year she's been keeping a low profile, hiding her aura with a charmed amulet, and staying out of trouble so the Blues don’t capture her.

Because she never wants to wear their magic-nulling cuffs again.

That changes the day two Blues annoy her enough to warrant teaching them a much-deserved lesson. Saving the kid they were picking on was an unexpected added burden, but now they're both targets, forcing Sierra to go on the run with the little foundling while trying to avoid the Blues and come up with a plan for their future.

The Accidental Zodiac World: There's no rhyme or reason as to who is born with powers and who isn't, but one thing is for sure: if a Zodiac's aura is Red, they're considered a "Fallen" and the Zodiac Enforcement Agency (comprised of Blue "Sinless" zodiacs) want to lock them up. Every book in the Accidental Zodiacs Series is a stand-alone featuring a different Zodiac.

Publisher: Celtic Hearts Press