Alpha Medicine

Two wolf shifters and a hospital in the middle of the Colorado mountains. Sparks will fly.

Laura Boyd is used to cleaning up her twin sister's messes, but this time, it's worse than ever.

While at a charity conference, Laura receives a call that her sister's in trouble. She receives a suggestion to take her to a mountain hospital to see a specific doctor who deals with shifters. Laura is relieved. Hopefully, this man will be willing to turn a blind eye to her sister's mistakes—and if she's really lucky—the secluded location will ensure no tabloids pick up the story.

Dr. Jordan Hill patches up bodies all the time, but sometimes it hits a nerve—like when a rich, spoiled princess endangers the lives of others. He's not going to let things slide, and he can't be bought, even if the patient's sister turns out to be his fated mate.

Despite the two being at odds, their wolf shifter sides have already decided they're fated mates, and they're going to have to deal with it!

Originally released in July 2022. It has been lightly revised and re-released.