Etched in Brass

A wedding. A double-agent. An undercover operation where love and revenge will reign.

Colleen Nicols is used to assignments where she's used as bait for vampires. Her fae blood is irresistible to them. What she didn't expect this time, was to fall for one.

Bernard Saint James has turned a blind eye to his vampire family's misdeeds for centuries, but now Lilly has gone too far. Her cyborg experiments are drawing attention, and she's becoming bolder with every victim, and Bernard knows she must be stopped.

His plan seems to be going off without a hitch, until he sets his eyes on Colleen.

Lilly Saint James has gotten away with it for too long. Now, with the help of a few raccoon shifters and their cyborg mates, the time for comeuppance is upon her.

Publisher: Eighth Ripple Press