Sunny Mage

Year 1 - The Nightshade Guild: The Elven Princess Book 8

It’s been seven months, and while the mage council has managed to keep the princess safe, those who seek to control the Elven kingdom still pursue her every day.

Sunny Burson’s personality matches her name. She’s cheerful, optimistic, and always looking on the bright side of things. She’s also a powerful celestial magic mage with a mean right hook. As the seventh of 12 mages tasked with protecting Princess Ameria Dormaris, Sunny has had plenty of time to prepare her home in the Alaskan wilderness.

What she hasn’t prepared for is the darkness that will settle in her home along with the princess. A darkness that she purposefully locked out when she renamed herself Sunny and locked out all memories of her traumatic past. But will she be able to protect the princess when the darkness takes over her dreams and starts to seep into her waking hours?

This is an angst-free, “clean” fantasy novella with plot tension from the outside world and villains.

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Publisher: Celtic Hearts Press