Trial in Darkness

Nightshade Guild Year Four

The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Four - The year the creator of magic tested them.

Sunny and Bo have been together for decades of their near-immortal lives, but always managed to keep their personal and professional lives separate. That is, until Bo ended up back in time with Sunny, and the world as they knew it was permanently altered by his absence.

Though the Time Scythe was restored and time set back to right, a few things slipped through the cracks; one of those a result of Bo being away from his station. When the creator of magic points out to Sunny that this is a failure on her part as a Nightshade guild, she’s given a chance to prove herself.

One trial to right the wrongs. Just one chance to save the world, remain a member of the Nightshade Guild, and keep her magic.

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Publisher: Celtic Hearts Press