Out Today: Blood Tide Anthology!

They set sail under cover of darkness and prowl through the night to stalk their prey, taking what they most desire.

This collection of vampire pirate stories by New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors includes alpha heroes, complex anti-heroes, and evil villains in adventurous, swashbuckling tales of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, science fiction romance, and high fantasy.

Join these lawless, bloodsucking vampirates as they pillage and plunder for ill-gotten gains!

Whether they’re on the high seas, in space, or on land, these vampire pirates will take your blood and steal your heart. Grab your copy today—before this boxed set sails away on the blood tide!

Featuring stories by:

Margo Bond Collins
Elizabeth Dunlap
C.L. Riley
Megan J. Parker
Nathan Squiers
Mirren Hogan
Dany Stone
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Renee Hewett
S. K. Gregory
Mikki Noble