An Untamed Lynx

Book Cover: An Untamed Lynx
Part of the Idlewyld Mates series:

The world’s best matchmaker connects a pediatric nurse and a mobster protector while they’re together caring for an orphan!

Coleman Stride is a guard for the Idlewyld mob boss. Not a babysitter. Annoyed with his latest task, he soon realizes he has a lot in common with the bobcat kitten under his protection. Both have lost their family to violence. Coleman is determined to teach the kid how to survive and defend himself.

No-nonsense pediatric nurse Kat Batrez hasn’t taken a holiday in years. She can’t refuse when Gerri Wilder asks her to help a child in need, and the HR department is forcing her to take a vacation anyway. At least she can help the boy overcome his traumatic loss.

Coleman and Kat must work together to keep the scared bobcat kitten safe in a secluded cabin, but their time together might do more than save a child. It may just bring them together.

This low steam paranormal romance is book two in the Idlewyld Mates Series but can be read as a standalone. This novella is part of Milly Taiden’s Paranormal Dating Agency shared world and features matchmaker extraordinaire Gerri Wilder!